Write a 3-4 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page). Use this APA Sample provided in the student resources inside this course to complete your assignment. Read the two articles below from the LIRN. After reading each article, and after reading the chapters this week, write your paper responding to these prompts:

1. How does knowing the BATNA and doing the situation assessment ground the negotiator in deliberate and rational thought?

2. When considering gender, how can one avoid argument how can one party determine alternative methods to reach agreement? Why is this important in the business world?

3. Describe some of the risks and constraints that you have faced in previous negotiation situations. (You may use a business or personal situation).

*Articles that you need to read BELOW* Wyatt, D. (1999). Negotiation strategies for men and women. Nursing Management, 30(1), 22-5; quiz 25-6. Provis, C. (2004). Negotiation, persuasion and argument. Argumentation, 18(1), 95-112.