In this assignment you will select a client or client system (e.g., older adults diagnosed with depression, women diagnosed with bipolar disorder, families in divorce, people living with food or housing insecurity) and then formulate an intervention plan based on your assessment of the needs of the client system and drawn from evidence-based practice (EBP). Include the following sections in your intervention plan:
1. Describe your client / client system and who you would include in the intervention process
o Consider micro to macro level intervention targets (This will differ depending on your choice of client / client system. In some cases, the work might focus on the micro-system such as individual, couple, family, group work. In other cases, the work might focus on macro-level public health interventions such as raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.)
o In terms of inclusion, identify which systems, agencies and institutions will contribute to the success of the intervention, according to EBP.
2. State which intervention is deemed to be effective for your client / client system (support this statement with EBP / scholarly sources).
o You can choose to base your intervention plan on any of the following practice models from our course as appropriate:
 Motivational Interviewing
 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
 Narrative or Solution-Focused Therapy
 Psychodynamic / Interpersonal Therapy
 Emotion-Focused Therapy
3. Clearly describe the proposed intervention procedures.
o What specific steps are in the intervention process (refer to scholarly sources for information)?
o What is the overall goal of the intervention?
o How long will the intervention take?
o What are some barriers to implementing the intervention?
 What are some solutions to these barriers?
o What strengths does the client (generally) bring to the intervention process?
o Why did you choose this type of intervention?
 What are some other way(s) that you could intervene, and why did you not choose those option(s)?
o Who will implement the intervention? (Explain why and how a social work professional can be effective in implementing this intervention with this client / client system.)
4. How will you evaluate your intervention? Think critically about how you will evaluate your practice / program effectiveness. (Refer to your SOWK792/3 class.)
 Be specific about what you will track and measure (Outcomes? Satisfaction? Process?) and how (e.g. standardized pre-post-tests of what? session/ outcome ratings? rating the quality of activities per week, frequency of positive / negative thoughts per week?)
 Why did you choose your evaluation measure(s)?
 How exactly will the evaluation be conducted?
• What information will you need to complete the evaluation?
• When will the evaluation occur?
• Who will conduct the evaluation?
• What are some barriers to conducting the evaluation?