The Relevant data has been provided. Following is a traffic engineering assignment.

Your supervisor has asked for estimates of:

1. Peak period directional trips over the current bridge (prior to construction of the second bridge).
2. Peak period directional trips on both bridges once the new bridge is built.
3. Write out the utility expression for each mode. Are the signs and relative magnitudes of the coefficients logical?
4. Use the model to predict the bus ridership and revenue for the morning service.
5. The bus operator believes it may be possible to lobby the State Government to install express bus lanes between zones 1 and 7. Under this scenario the in-vehicle time for the bus would be reduced by 12%. Predict the effects of this on bus ridership and revenue.

For Part 2:
1. Using all-or-nothing assignment, find the link volumes and travel times.
2. Using incremental assignment with five increments of 20%, find the link volumes and travel times.
3. Compare and comment on the results from parts 1 and 2 above.