Research Question: What are the perspectives of families in relation to digital pedagogical documentation? How does digital pedagogical documentation support partnership with families?

  1. Write an introduction for your research topic selection. (125 words)

In introduction please write what is digital documentation and then what is digital documentation in Australia? why digital documentation is important and why we do it?

  1. Write a rationale for your research topic selection (200 words)

What educator document? Then what they do and show it to families and how they collaborate with families? What is the purpose of researching families perceptive on digital documentation in Australia? Why we use digital documentation?

  1. Context of research (philosophical foundations) (250 words)
  • Which paradigm are you going to use? Naturalistic
  • Which approach and research design? Qualitative
  • Which philosophical worldview/s? Constructivism
  • Are you answering via deductive (top down)or inductive (bottom up)research? Inductive (bottom up)
  • Describe the location where you will conduct this research (remember confidentiality!) Brookvale
  • In what context will you be conducting your research? In a centre? Playgroup? Family homes? long day care centres
  • Who will be the participants? Families and educators.
  • How will you choose the participants? What sampling method will you employ? (opportunity, self-selected, snowball etc?) Self-selected
  1. Methodology – Data collection tools that will be used /Techniques that will be applied to ensure validity (250 words)
  • Outline the procedure for your research
    • First the researcher will ask families to fill out questionnaires
    • Secondly the researcher will conduct semi structured interviews with the educators of the services
  • How will you conduct your research? Which approach, methods and design will you use? (go into further detail here unlike the intro where you just mentioning). What are the challenges in using this design/approach/method? Qualitative method – explain it further why qualitative is best to use and what are its limitations in relation to this research.
  • How will you demonstrate: Validity and rigour? Threats to validity? Triangulation? Variables? I will use ways of collecting data- 1) questionnaires 2) semi structured interview of the directors
  • Once you have collected the data, how will you analyse this? Tally system? Graphs? Tables? Pie charts? Narratives? Narratives analysis
  • What are you looking for, from your data? Have respondents responded similar? Differently? Please answer this on your own
  • What patterns do you think will emerge in the data? Please answer this on your own