Read the case study below and analyze the roles and responsibilities of all the members of an inter-professional team and apply those to a case study below. Additionally, explain how occupational therapists (OT) particularly are incorporated in the scenario explains the current professional role of OT plays a role in the IP team for this scenario.

One page should be in essay form, the second page should be a Lucidchart.

Use the following references for your analysis:
• Website: Florida Board of Athletic Training:
• Document: Florida Board of Nursing: Nurse Practice Act (PDF)
• Document: Board of Physical Therapy Practice Laws and Rules (PDF)

Case Study
You are employed at Johnson Ranch which is a camp established by Dr. Mitchel Johnson.
The purpose of the camp is to provide intensive, medically-monitored 12-week weight loss programs for obese and super obese adults in Orlando, Florida. The camp guarantees that campers will have “considerable” weight loss during the program. While the camp is owned and operated by a physician, he is rarely present on the campgrounds. He insists that medial issues are managed on the campus grounds.
The leadership staff of the camp is composed of 4 athletic trainers, a nurse practitioner and a health care administrator. There are several physical and occupational therapists on staff as well as mental health practitioners.

One of your campers is Susanne Jones.
• She is 30 years old
• She is 5’ 4” and weighs 350lbs
• She has a history of diabetes and hypertension
• She also has a history of depression
• Prior to attending the camp, she tried Weight Watcher ® and Jenny Craig® without success
• She shared that she has not been “into exercise”
• Due to her size and activity tolerance, she has difficulty with self-care
• She smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day
• She denies alcohol use.
Two weeks into the camp stay, Susanne Jones suffered a left knee “strain”. This has led to her not participating in any weight loss programming events. While she has no edema, she complains of pain when she runs. She is no longer compliant with her dietary restrictions and is seen walking to her car frequently for “smoke breaks”. She is not interested in discontinuing the program and has approached the camp leadership several times about her weight loss “guarantee” requesting her money back.

As a healthcare team, create an evidence-based plan to address Ms. Jones’ weight loss plan Refer to Florida’s Practice Act for
• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Registered nurse/nurse practitioner
• Mental health practitioner
• Athletic training
• Health care administrator
Utilize the National Guideline Clearinghouse to locate a clinical practice guideline on the treatment of obesity.

For page 2 create a Lucidchart diagram for the case study. The Lucidchart should show you made a good effort to research the roles and took the time to understand each scope of practice of all the professionals/personnel involved in the case study provided, clearly, explain your viewpoint and how you analyzed the case study. It should delineate each person’s individual role in this case and how these roles would interact to respond to the scenario and how they would work inter-professionally in an effort to result in the best possible outcome for the patient.

Referencing: As you complete this assessment, be sure to reference the resources used to support your decisions for this case study. In order to do so, you should reference within your Lucidchart using standard in-text citations in APA format. For example, (Perry, 2018). Then, attach a reference list page in APA format, just like you would any other paper.”