Need to have contents page, and bibliography.
Need to have double-spaced throughout in Arial font sized 12.
Citation and bibliography needs to follow the Harvard Referencing System.

More information on topic:
How can a characters personality be conveyed through design? What is the psychology behind the design decisions?
A few examples: we use rounded shapes to portray friendly characters. Light colours to represent good. And evil characters are often shown in darker colour and often look long, lanky and sharp. As in how a square often represents stability. (Look at Wreck it Ralph and the old man from the movie “Up!”) and how a triangle represents speed and, – or something dangerous. (Animation movie: the incredibles is a good example here) It’s pointy, and you could hurt yourself on a triangle. Whereas a circle has no sharp edges or points.) If you put a character with rounded design next to a character with pointy and dark design we bring out the differences and contrast between the two more, and often we know intuitively who the protagonist and antagonist is. And why does some games have a realistic art-style? Like red dead redemption and gta (what kind of games are these?) while other games are very stylized? (Like tear away unfolded, Zelda windwaker and harvest moon)? Main differences in audiences? Theme/topic of games? Casual play-style vs “hard-core” play-style.
Talk about topic and theme, explain on a whole what it is about and introduce the redder to what we are talking about, before going in to deeper topics.
Break down different examples and explain why the characters have been designed the way they were. Using pictures to show examples is wonderful. Don’t be scared of adding pictures. What is the psychology behind these design decisions, and why do they work. A few examples where the design does not work would also be good. Why does it not work? We need the contrasting examples to be show together. Like good and evil. Antagonist and protagonist. Why this design? Why does it work? (Or not work?) Compare them, and back up the information with research on design and psychology, citations, quotes etc.

If you follow the link you find example of similar paper and theme (this is the kind of topic I’m talking about) and you see what structure is required for the paper.
With abstract, table of contents, introductions, preliminary question, etc.