Legal Case Study 2           Fall 2019

From your textbook, Medical Law and Ethics, 5th Ed. (Fremgen, 2016) please read the Case Assignment in

Chapter 13 on page 326 titled “The Case of Marguerite M. and The Angiogram”.

Review the Case Study and then answer the following questions in detail and use examples to demonstrate your understanding of the material. You must use at least 3 outside additional academic references and in-text citations when writing your paper in addition to your textbook. This is an APA style paper. Use APA Guidelines for your cover, in-text citations, abstract and reference page. You must give credit to authors when citing a source.

You may use the questions below to frame your paper but your paper is not to be a Q/A or bulleted type paper. Write a minimum of a full 3 pages. Include an APA cover page, an APA abstract and an APA reference page. All references and in-text citations must be APA style.

For your second Case Study it is expected that you pay attention to comments from your first Case Study and make sure you are following proper APA Style from your cover to your reference page.

Review the key points of the Case Study

  1. Do you believe that this case presents a legal or ethical problem, or both?
  2. What do you believe should be the criteria for a physician to use when having to choose a solution that will benefit one patient at the expense of another?
  3. How can Dr. K. justify this decision when speaking to the family of Marguerite ?
  4. What options does a member of the angiography team or a caregiver for Marguerite have if he or she disagrees with this decision?
  5. How do you think the hospitals’ “allocation of resources” effects this case scenario and the patients’ and care team?

Note: The answers to the questions are discussed throughout all chapters of the textbook –

not only Chapter 13. Refer to previous chapters when formulating your answers to the questions.