In approximately 600-800 words, briefly discuss the Tableau software we used in the Data Visualization workshop, considering in particular its uses and limitations when it comes to dealing with humanities data (remember Johanna Drucker’s essay on graphical display in the humanities! (Links to an external site.)).

Make sure to answer all the following categories: (do NOT skip a single question!!!!)

  • briefly introduce the tool, describing its main features and uses
  • Assess the tool’s usability, and describe its principal user base
  • describe the characteristics of the data Tableau can make use of, and any limitations on that data
  • describe the kinds of output that Tableau produces, and again, any limitations
  • Does the tool make hidden assumptions about the nature of knowledge, and do we learn anything form making those assumptions explicit? (Here it may be particularly useful to refer to Drucker’s essay.)
  • How might you make use of this tool in your own work as a digital humanist? Give a hypothetical example, in as much detail as you can muster.