1. Read the book Body of Lies (pdf version included)
  2. Choose one the following question to reply
  • A vital aspect of Hani Salaam’s character is to know when to trust your allies and to keep your word. He believes that this is essential for good intelligence work. How do Hani Salaam’s beliefs/values differ from Ed Hoffman’s?
  • Which two characters in Body of Lies have the strongest relationship? Use examples from the text to support your argument. Remember that a strong relationship can also be a negative one
  • The title of the book can be seen as having multiple meanings. Take a position about what you think the title means, and provide examples from the novel that demonstrate how the plot illustrates the principle of spy fiction, that “nothing is ever itself” and that appearances are rarely what they seem to be.
  • Complete a character analysis of one of the following characters: Roger Ferris, Ed Hoffman, or Hani Salaam. Make sure to address how their character changes throughout the story, what role their character plays in the story, and what significant things happen to them throughout the text. Make sure to use quotations from the novel to provide evidence for your analysis.
  • The shifting control of power, or at least the perception of such control, is one of the several factors holding a very delicately balanced story together. Choose the character that you believe has the most power throughout the novel, using examples from the text to support your argument.
  1. Prepare a response with
  • 275 words
  • Use references/quotations in your response (insert chapter number)
  • MLA format
  • Work cited

When attempting to respond to the questions about the novel it is important to think about how:

(1) Effectively you perceive and explain significant issues in the novel,

 (2) How intelligently and clearly you organize your answer,

(3) How relevantly and persuasively you use examples from the novel as supporting evidence