Please answer ALL questions. You may refer to the textbook and related slides before composing your response to each question. Please restrict each answer within 200 words. You must provide examples to exemplify the quality of your responses. Please type your answers as clearly as possible. You must avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Your answers will be graded based on the originality and clarity of your composition. Lastly, please do not copy directly from textbook, internet or other resources.

ESSAY QUESTIONS (3 X 25 points = 75 points)

  • Modernists see clear boundary between the organization and its environment whereas Symbolic-interpretivists see a more fluid boundary between the organization and its environment.” Please analyze the above statement using appropriate organizational theories (such as structural contingency theory, resource dependence, population ecology, and institutional theory).
  • Taking McDonalds as an example, what are/do you think are the dimensions of organizational structure and how do these relate to the environment? Do you think McDonalds has mainly organic or mechanistic characteristics and are these appropriate? (Hint: This question connects Chapter 3 and 4).
  • From a post-modernist perspective, identify and briefly explain at least three issues that tall organizations encounter in comparison to flat organizations. (Hint: You need to think from management/employee/customer side to identify the issues).