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Case Study

Students should read and analyze the Hewlett Packard case. Students must prepare o paper analyzing the issues The paper SHOULD NOT be a lengthy summary of the case but an analysis of what occurred and why At a minimum, the students should cover the following

■ Identify the problems facing HP’s board of directors

b Identify and discuss the critical turning points in the case at which Patricia Dunn was required to make a decision. What were her options at each point? Did she take the correct action(s) (why or why not)?

L If you disagree with Dunn’■ course of action. detail what you would have done and what ethical theory you would have used.

c Discuss the actions taken by HP’s chairman, legal department, and investigators to find the source of the unauthorized disclosures ethically justifiable, or not?

  1. What ethical theory dal they use

2_ What ethical theory should they have used and how would this have changed what HP did?
If you were Mark Hurd, as of September 2006, what actions would you take now?

Students should use the case and text as well as other sources (books, journal articles, eta in order to wnte the paper Students should not rely on webntes or encyclopedias (including online encyclopedias like Wikipecha ) for references (use peer reviewed sources) The paper should be 5 to 8 typed pages (double spaced, 1 Inch margins, times roman 12 point font) and have reference page – although this page is not counted in the required length You may use MLA or APA formatting Papers will be graded based on the following general guideline’ proper grammar, language. and writing style, originality and development of ideas, ■nalysts of the content and critical thinking; organization. and depth of research/use of literature The paper will account for 25% of your overall grade and is due by the date indicated on the syllabus. Papers should be uploaded to blackboard on the due date (no hard copy papers).

Some additional information

– This is a short paper, so there is no need for an abstract or table of contents

– Should be in APA or MLA

– Should use peer-reviewed sources

– Directly quoted material should be held to a minimum. You should only directly quote when the onginal author’s exact words are important Otherwise, summarize their thoughts in your own wards and make sure use an in text citation

PLAGIARISM: Using or copying another’s wransn work without proper citations will result in an zero for this assignment grade,

The end of each paper must include the following section

CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: !certify that 1 am the author of this paper and that any assistance received is acknowledged and disclosed in the paper I have also cited any sources from which fused data, ideas, or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased I also certify that this paper was prepared specifically for this course and has not been used for another course either in whole or substantial part


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