Assignment guidelines – Introduction to Evidence based practice

A 3,000-word written assignment

Select a research question relating to your field of nursing from the list on Moodle. Conduct a literature search using the skills developed during the module. Explain and reflect on the literature searching process and include a table of the search terms used. Choose 5-6 articles related to the question from the search and describe them, comment on why you chose them, their findings and their relevance to your nursing practice.

100% Weighting

40% Pass Mark

Introduction (approx. 300-400 words)

Introduce the assignment and outline clearly what you aim to do.

Tell the reader what will be included in the assignment and in what order.

Introduce, define and discuss the importance of evidence based practice in relation to your field of nursing including the use and definition of evidence based practice models

Search (approx. 800 words)

Introduce your search terms.

Outline how you performed your literature search i.e what databases you used, inclusion and exclusion criteria, any other filters used and provide rationale for these decisions with references.

Outline how you identified your key articles. Include enough detail so that your search could be conducted by the person reading it.  Include a copy of your search in the appendices

Discussion (approx. 1000 -1200 words)

Give an overview of the key articles in detail, using the following questions;

What were the studies about?

How were they conducted?

What did they find?

Remember to use research terminology e.g. quantitative, qualitative and provide definitions to explain these terms.

Conclusions (approx. 200-300 words)

This should summarise how you conducted the literature search and the results that you found as well as the key points from your articles.

Revisit the original research question to ensure this has been answered.

Implications for practice (approx. 200-300 words)

Outline the implications for your practice as a nurse. What has the evidence added to your knowledge base? What further information would you like to know? How does the process of searching for the evidence inform your practice? Were there gaps in the evidence?


Reference the assignment throughout using the LSBU-HARVARD system, including a reference list.


Add this table here, label it and refer to it in the text

Database Searched


Date Searched Search Strategy Used

(Keywords, phrases, subject terms)


(Date range, language)

No. Results Notes

Search strategy saved (name)?

Authors for future searches?



General tips:


  • Succinct writing: keeping within the word limit (3000 words +/- 10%)
  • Good, clear presentation with correct grammar and spelling
  • Use supporting references for the points that you make.
  • All work must use font size 12 with double spacing
  • Avoid using the first person