OMED 1345 Proposal Template: Students must use this template to design and write their 750 word proposal.      

1.       Background of the Topic/Review:

What is the latest evidence about it? Why does it deserve attention? Are their relevant policy and practice issues/challenges? What is the proposed theoretical framework to encompass the literature reviewed (only one)? Are there any conceptual or definitional clarifications around terms and ideas to be used? (200 words)

2.       Question and Operational Definitions:

What is the question that guides your literature review? Are there any operational definitions to be clarified? For example, if you are looking at older people, what do you mean by older people? If you are looking at eating disorders, what types are you going to include? (100 words)

3.       Aims and Objectives:

What is the one aim of the literature review and what are the two to three objectives to achieve the aim? (150 words)

4.       Methodology:

What is the proposed inclusion and exclusion criteria and proposed search terms to be used?  In addition, briefly report how you will search for and select databases and literature; and what, if any, limitations apply to the methodology? (200 words)

5.       Ethics and the Literature Review: Issues and Challenges:

Briefly, what are the main ethical issues/challenges involved and how might you address them? (100 words)