Talk about patient confidentiality NMC 2018.

Every information about the case study such as the patient, family and carer are linked up throughout the essay to make sense. Has to be written in logic for the reader to understand; is the patient in the community, rehab, or acute trust? Have you link the symptoms to the pathophysiology of the disease and the symptoms how is been dealt with in the nursing care section. Have you explain what was done when patient has dysphagia, dysphasia, mobility, and continence. What were the care given by the health care professionals and the rationale and literature? How do they meet or communicate regarding the patient? What are the work of all these team in delivering care to promote patient care. Salt, physio, dietician, occupational health and doctors? Anything you do for the patient explains the rationale and research evidence or NICE Guideline evidence.

The medication given explain rationale and where it stated in the research evidence that the medicine is the appropriate one for the patient, if the patient has more than one co-morbidities have you make sure the medicine link to the co-morbidities you focusing on in this essay, is there any health behaviour patient might have and have you make every contact count by RCN or NMC. Talk about patient health improvement via health promotion; discuss patient, family and carer stress and why they are stress.

explain how health care professional are involve in patient care , how do you know is a good care for patient, do you know it come out as NHS 5 years forward plan and integrated care and promoting self care is a good thing for patient?.

Did the healthcare professionals work together as a team and achieve the goal? If not, explain why