Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

Task 2

Healthcare problem (Avoid Hand washing, hand Hygiene, vaccinations and CAUTI as topics)

  • ** What is the healthcare problem?? The healthcare problem is——–
  • 1-2 sentences here

Significance of the problem

  • Why is this healthcare problem significant?
  • This problem is significant because……
  • 1-2 sentences

Current practice related to the problem

  • What are we currently doing related to this problem?
  • (not your intervention in your PICO)
  • The current practice related to the problem is ……
  • 1-2 sentences

Impact of the problem and/or patient’s cultural background

  • How does the problem impact the organization?
  • How does the problem impact the patient?
  • 2 sentences per topic
  • The organization is impacted by this problem by______________.

The patient is impacted by this problem by __________________.

Research and Non-Research Evidence

  1. Discuss two research evidence sources and two non-research evidence sources that you considered.

Note: Please do not use the same primary author for more than two articles. Articles must not be more than five years old.

  • Identify 2 research articles from your matrix, summarize in one paragraph each using an in-text citation that matches your article on the sources page.
  • Identify your 2 non-research articles, summarize in one paragraph each using an in-text citation that matches your articles on the sources page.

                 In this section, you should have 4 paragraphs, one for each article discussed

    The first research article …(Summarize)…(use an intext citation).  The second research article ______…(Summarize)…(use an intext citation)

The first non-research article——…(Summarize)…(use an intext citation ——-The second non-research article….…(Summarize)…(use an intext citation)

PICO Question

P: patient/population

I: intervention/indicator

C: comparison/control

O:  outcome 

  • Question must cover all 4 portions listed.
  • Ex- In patients at risk for infection, will the use of chlorhexidine as compared to not using chlorhexidine reduce hospital acquired infections?

Evidence Matrix – See attachment

Intervention for Recommended Practice Change

  • Start with your recommended practice change. Restate your PICO.
  • My recommended practice change is__________________
  • >>>All 5 articles from the matrix must be used in this section to support your PICO<<<

                            You  can use one sentence each to accomplish this section.

                           * Ex. – Johnson, 2015 noted that hourly rounding does reduce patient falls.
Must use an in-text citation where article can be matched to matrix and your sources page.

Key Stakeholders

  • How are your each of your three key stakeholders involved in the practice change?
  • Ex- The first key stakeholder is the ___________ and they are involved in the practice change because they ___________________. The second key stakeholder is__________

and they are involved in the practice change by ___________________.  The third key                    stakeholder is ______________ and they are involved in the practice change by _________.


  • The two barriers I think I would come up against would be _________and ________.

Strategies for Barriers

  • I would overcome the barrier of ________ by __________________. To overcome the other barrier of __________________ the strategy I would use is ___________________.


Indicator to Measure Outcome

* One thing that would prove that my recommended practice change is effective would be to show a           (reduction, increase, decrease) in _____________. (the Outcome in your PICO).