Marketing Plan Development and PowerPoint Presentation


This assignment will allow you to create a basic and inclusive marketing plan for either a public health organization or for a particular project or campaign within a public health organization.

There are two parts to this assignment:

  • Part One: A written marketing plan with a narrative explanation of the plan, a written description of the steps/resources, tools and actions of the plan. 
  • Part Two:A PowerPoint presentation of the plan, as if it was being presented to your peers. 

Part One:

First: Determine whether you will write the plan about a public health organization or about a public health program or campaign or project.  Then create and develop and submit the plan:

  1. Determine what you want to do, what is the issue(s) that you want to market/communicate. Consider the message and the frames you want to create.
  2. Develop a complete marketing plan following the concepts discussed in the course and outside sources. Select a marketing plan model or template and design the plan. Modify your plan in anyway that works to provide direction to implement.
  • This plan can be in sentence outline form, with descriptions for each section and objectives. Your plan does not have to be a fully written paper, it can be an outline plan. It must be comprehensive and cover the elements of a plan. There is no page requirement.
  • There is a lot of room for “hypotheticals” and “assumptions” and “fiction” as you may not have ALL of the data to complete a marketing plan. In those instances, list the plan component or concept or item and develop it as if it were real.
  • List all of the components of the plan and the clearly identify what it is you are trying to market/communicate.
  • Clearly define what action you want the audience to take based on your plan.
  • Provide a Summary/narrative of the plan, one page or less. This is written more like a brief paper. Provide a narrative paper that explains your project:
    • What are the strengths or unique aspects of your plan.
    • Explain if your plan would be viable, could you see this in action

Second: Develop a brief PowerPoint Presentation of the Plan (Optional) as if you were presenting the plan to the class. This is optional. Some students like to do this project in powerpoint as if they were presenting.

  • Use appropriate number of slides to explain the plan.
  • Develop the PowerPoint as if you were going to present to your public health peers. There is not presentation.

Suggestions and potential format for the Plan:

There are several templates and plan models discussed. When creating the plan, these areas must be addressed and included. (Note: much of this exercise will rely on “hypotheticals” and that is understood). This entire plan can be written in outline form except for, the exec summary, introduction, situational analysis, these sections will need to be written out in sentence/paragraph form.

Executive Summary: A brief version of the marketing plan. Should explain the audience targeted intent of the messaging, change that you want to occur, problem/issue and a clear but brief description of the marketing tools and implementation and expected results. This should be in paragraph form and should be a narrative of the plan. A summary.

For the executive summary paper: Graduate level writing is expected. The paper should follow standard writing models and have a clear beginning, middle and conclusion, with a clear thesis statement/position and clear development of subsequent paragraphs. APA Style is to be used and the paper should be 1 page in length, double spaced and 10 to 12 pt. font, with a Times font used and correctly used source material.

Introduction: Purpose of the marketing plan. Paragraph form.

Situation Analysis: Describe briefly the market situation. (Explain too that research on the situation will be done, you do not have to do the research for the assignment) This should be in paragraph form.

Describe the public health organization or the program that the plan is about. Paragraph form.

Client/Population or Group Analysis: Use secondary or primary data to describe the client or demographic or population the marketing plan targets and the “product” or “issue” the plan addresses. What basic needs/wants do it stands serve? What needs and wants could be served? What benefits does it provide?

Competitive analysis: (Do not include)

Trend analysis—if any: (A brief sentence or statement to describe the trends) . Environmental trends: Describe trends if there is an impact. What will be the effect?  Economic/Political environment: Social and cultural factors about this group or the target: What social or cultural factors or trends impact this industry? Explain any opinion leaders Demographics: What demographic trends will affect the acceptance or rejection of message? Who is the demographic that you are targeting.

Identify the key publics: Are there other publics that some stake in the plan?

FRAMES: What frames do you want to establish? What frames do you want to dispel or break? Think about this and be creative.

SWOT:  There is no expectation to complete a SWOT; however you can hypothetically create one to guide your plan. You can mention a SWOT and refer to one, but it is not required.

Marketing Plan Description:

This is the section where you describe the plan in outline form.

  1. Goals of the plan and audience:
  2. Describe the audience/target:
  3. Describe the issues and the solution your plan offers: Provide a clear and simple statement of your recommendation and or the key positioning statement that your marketing will address.
  4. Explain the Plan Goals or Objectives:

Marketing Mix and Integrated Plan:

Describe the marketing mix/recommendations based on the audience.

  1. Product Description:Describe recommendations with regard to the product. Describe the product and its features and attributes. What are you marekting and what are the benefits.
  2. Pricing or cost to audience: Remember this is not about money–it is about gain or loss. 
  3. Explain Channels of Distribution (Place): Recommend an appropriate distribution strategy. What will the channels look like(e.g., Web, mailings, schools, businesses, social media, viral media, Other). How will you use framing? What frames do you want to create?
  4. Integrated Marketing Communications:Recommend an integrated marketing communications program and include public relations or publicity and the primary promotions. Discuss PUSH or PULL Advertising, promotions, social media and traditional media, viral or other. Specify types of promotion.
  5. Describe Intended Outcomes: What you expect to occur, and you will measure the promotion’s effectiveness.


Writing the Plan: It is acceptable to write the plan in sentence/short description outline form.  

PowerPoint: Keep the slides to a minimum. Try to not over-crowd the slides.