The answer to this research question should be proven empirically. Explained on one side by a neo-realist approach. And on the other side by a constructivist approach.

Structure: 1. Introduction- briefly about Yemen crisis, the Houthi’s and their role. Moreover, the relationship btw Saudi Arabia and Iran and how Saudia Arabia was involved. Then explain the purpose of this essay, which is understanding the Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen from a neorealist approach and from a constructivist approach.

2. Body part.a) First neo-realist approach on the role of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen (supported through empirical evidence, which is in this context events that happened) This means explaining these events from a neo-realist approach
b) Constructivist approach on the involvement of Saudi Arabia in Yemen

3. Personal opinion why Saudi Arabia is involved in Yemen, and summary of this paper.

IMPORTANT: NO PLAGIARISM. 7 Empirical References should be listed. Which means arguments should be empirically supported from real evidence.
Words: Times New Roman 12

RELEVANT Literature that could be used, but at least 7 empirical references are needed:
1. Karakir, I.A. (2018). Ongoing Conflict in Yemen: A Proxy War. Journal of TESAM Academy.
2.Al-Otaibi, S.Z. (2019).The impact of Arab Revolution on the security of the Arabian Gulf The
Yemeni Revolution as a model. Emerald Insight.
3. Barzegar, Keyhan and Dinan, Seyyed 2016: Iran‘s Political Stance toward Yemen‘s Ansar Allah Movement: A Constructivist-Based Study, Journal of Politics and Law 9(9), 77-83