1. I attend a plan event, ” MONEY SMART SEAWOLVES WORKSHOPS: WHY IS CREDIT SO IMPORTANT. ” It took place in Humanities,1003 on Wednesday, September 11. The lecture was host by one of the staff who was a specialist in credibility. At first, the instructor introduced the basic concept of credit and essential factors of having a good score. Then, she used powerpoint to show us how to improve your credit score and how to remain in a good score. Besides, three things determine your score, payment history, the amount owed, and length of credit. To ensure a suitable credit, always remember to pay your bills on time is essential if you want to bring up your credit. Therefore, only purchase what you can pay off and do not let the desire to manipulate your money.It is helpful if you can open a credit card account to starting build credit. Credit card companies have a lot of options available to college students with a low-interest rate. To keep a good credit score, you will need to pay your bills on time.From the lecture I attended, I had a concept of credit, and I learned that a credit score is a reflection of your financial ability. It helps you to get a loan or a credit card, etc.
  2. At 7 pm, I attend the event “Heat and Heat.” It was base on fire safety education. Oxygen, temperature, and flammable, they are the three things to cause a fire to burn. We had Stony Brook University Fire Department came as host. They showed us how to use a fire extinguisher and how to put down varies fires. Firstly, we started with a cooking fire. Firefighter light it up on a pan. Then, they expand my knowledge of how to deal with a cooking fire. The top priority is to shut down gas, and do not use water to put down cooking fire; it will only help the fire goes out of control. Instead of, the typical way to save the pan, firefighter used the fire extinguisher to put it down. Secondly, students watched a live demonstration of an oven fire. What should you do when your oven is on fire? It was simple. Just close the door of your oven, it will cut off the supply of oxygen. “Heat and Heat” is an exciting event that expands my knowledge of fire and how to deal with it. Everyone is panic when there is a fire burning in front of you. However, with the education of put down fire will keep you claim down when there is a fire dancing in front of you.
  3. September 21st Football At six pm on Saturday, I went to a football game. It was between the Seawolves and the Fordham Rams. At first, Seawolves were leading the competition; we had a good start. The game was fun and interesting.