This assessment task addresses the following learning outcomes from the module specification:

  1. Understand the complexity surrounding the notion of responsible global management and being a global manager.
  2. Critically appreciate the nature of change that is re-shaping the role of being a manager in global contexts.
  3. Understand the possibilities and new opportunities that a widening global perspective affords the manager, both for their organization and their own capabilities.
  4. NA
  5. Critically evaluate a wide range of organizational management practices that might require adaptation in the face of global change, both conceptually and practically.
  6. Offer practical and higher level creative suggestions that develop management practice for organizational managers facing global pressure for change

Assessment brief;

1.You will need to thoroughly read the case study carefully, and address the questions at the end of the document. In addition, as final year students, you are expected to compare, contrast, and critique different authors’ views on the concepts and theories under discussion, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of those concepts and theories you discuss. You will be expected to include material covered in the module and go beyond the module textbook and include material such as journal articles.

You are advised to:

Avoid description of the content of material referred to – critical evaluation is required where specified.

Work should be referenced in APA 6th style. The link below is to the library guidance on referencing and it is recommended you use these resources to ensure your references are in the correct format.

Read widely from textbooks, journals and authoritative commentaries in forming your views.

Refer back to your tutorial work and notes where you have covered key issues and developed critical argument that is relevant to the requirement of this assessment.

Pay close attention to the Assessment Criteria at the end of this document – this lists general assessment criteria and specific criteria to the requirements of this assignment. These criteria will be used to inform your electronic feedback on your marked assignment.

Use the University Referencing guide which is APA 6th. Note that poorly referenced material will lose you marks (make sure you consult the Learning Development Group Tutors on level 1 of the Business School for any additional help needed). You can access APA 6th via Brightspace by clicking on the Library button to access the easy to use online guide.

Do not exceed the word limit. A 5% mark penalty applies for work exceeding the word limit.

Marking criteria

  1. Refer to the assessment task-specific criteria in Appendix 1. These show you the issues that will guide your tutors in marking your work. You are encouraged to use these at all stages of preparing your work. Please remember that the marking process involves academic judgement and interpretation within the marking criteria.
  2. The Learning Development Group are available to help you to understand and use the assessment criteria. To book an appointment, either visit them on The Street in the Charles Sikes Building or email them on
  3. The University has regulations relating to academic misconduct, including The Learning Development Group can also advise and help you about academic conventions and avoiding ‘poor scholarship’ which can result in potential academic misconduct.