Course Objectives 4, 5, & 6

DNP Essentials I, II, III, IV, VII, VIII

Purpose: Through the use of scholarly formats and multimedia, the student will create a Proactive Health Communication Campaign highlighting communication methods for a specific health topic.  Health Communication Campaigns are used locally and globally to bring attention to health issues, along with a call to action.  Development and implementation of health communication campaigns are examples of DNP Essentials.

The Proactive Health Communication Campaign allows you to address a population and health issue; then summarize and highlight how you could use multimedia methods to communicate the health issue and engage the population in your solution.  While content is important, the primary focus here is how health messages can be communicated in a way that engages the audience.  This is not a paper, it is a narrated video presentation highlighting different ways of getting your message out.   The plan does not have to be implemented.

This “Health Campaign of the Week” features Safe Sleep for Babies, a CDC website with great examples of how one campaign encompasses many methods:


  1. Choose the tools to create your narrated video presentation i.e. Prezi, Powerpoint, You Tube, Screencast-o-matic, Google Slides etc.
  2. Create your presentation:
  3. Title Slide: name, title, course, date.
  4. Introduce your topic. Give an overview of the “agenda” of the presentation.
  5. Describe a county and a subpopulation that is considered at risk.   See
  6. Describe, in detail, the health risks, health crisis, or health promotion issues you will address in your plan.  This should answer the questions “What is happening” and “Why is this campaign important?”  This is not an overview of disease processes.
  7. Apply your health theory or concept – be specific on how the theory is used in approaching the health issue. Why is this a good theoretical approach?
  8. Describe in detail your multimedia presentation/campaign that addresses the health issue or issues.  Give examples of the different multimedia approaches you would use, and describe them.  You must describe and discuss all materials and attachments in the presentation.  You may include photos, give links, or attach copies of your multimedia examples.
  9. Include a resources slide with additional information.
  10. Mechanics:  Format and APA references.  Presentation works, has audio, clear delivery.  Length: 10 minutes maximum