HRM3410 – Training & Developing Human Resources

Training Plan Project Instructions – Part III

Project Overview:

Through the completion of a three-part Training Plan Project, you will walk through the process of creating a training plan that an organization can use to train its workforce. First, you will interpret the strategic issues of human resource planning that shape and guide an organization’s human resource (HR) management program, to help the organization reach its goals. You will also discuss the process of constructing a needs assessment that includes all person, tasks, and organizational elements. Next, you will identify various learning styles theories and their impact on transfer of training. You will also explore various training tools and methods and determine the use of appropriate training tools and methods for the specific training outcomes. Finally, you will identify outcomes used to evaluate a training program and determine how you will specifically evaluate the outcome of the training. Throughout, you will ensure that all training in in compliance with EOE.

Part II:  Training Evaluation

In Part I of this project, you identified the training needs and established the objectives for training. In Part II, you determined the design of the training programs and the methods you will use to deliver the training. Now, in Part III, you will design a process for training evaluation.

Due to the costly and time-consuming nature of training, proper evaluation is essential. Evaluation also provides metrics for continuous improvement.

  • (300-400 words) Levels of evaluation – reaction, learning, behaviors, and results.
    • Review each of the four methods at which training can be evaluated and
    • Provide your recommendations for implementation based on your organization, the training program planned, and workforce needs.
  • (300-400 words) Training evaluation metrics – training is costly and the ability to clearly measure and report results can help to elevate the HR function to a higher level within the organization as a true business partner.
    • Cost-benefit analysis – determine the estimated training costs, identify potential savings results, calculate potential savings, and conduct costs and savings benefits comparison.
    • Return-on-investment (ROI) – walk through the steps of calculating the ROI for the training programs you have recommended and determine if there is likely a benefit to implementation.
  • (300-400 words) Training evaluation designs – there are three basic methods to design training evaluation: post-measure, pre-/post measure, and pre-/post measure with a control group.
    • Discuss the pros and cons of each method.
    • Determine and justify which evaluation design you will deploy for your organization.


Each section of the Training Plan Project should be prepared in APA format including a title page, section headers, in-text citations, and a reference page. A minimum of three professional and reputable sources are required for this section of the project.

Part III of this project will be 3-4 pages of body (900-1200 words) plus title page and reference page.