AI5201 Re-sit Essay Questions 2019-20

Word limit 2500 words

Select one question from the following: 

  1. Assess the following statement: “President Truman’s famous Presidential address is as relevant to development today as it was in 1949”.
  2. “By the 1950s, the economic and social costs of Africa’s colonial development had outweighed the gains.” Examine this statement with reference to any two European colonial powers.
  3. “Colonialism gave nothing to India, except poverty, famine, disease and underdevelopment.” Discuss.
  4. Compare and contrast dependency and modernization theories.
  5. Does World Systems Theory represent a significant theoretical contribution in development? Consider this in relation to dependency theories.
  6. Why did the success of the neo-statist economic policies of the East Asian Tigers not lead to the adoption and successful implementation of similar policies in all developing countries? Use examples.
  7. What brought about the ‘impasse’ in theories of development and how was it related to major development theories prior to the 1980s?
  8. “Neo-liberals were correct to blame ‘Third World’ underdevelopment on state intervention”. How true is this statement?
  9. What are the key features of neoliberalism and how has have they been implemented in developing countries since the 1980s?
  10. Do alternative development approaches offer genuine alternatives?
  11. How and to what extent do global environmental concerns occupy centre stage in discussions of development?
  12. “Capability theory help us to measure and manage inequality in order to mitigate its worst effects.” Discuss the truth of this statement.
  13. “The description of the 1980s as a ‘lost decade’ in terms of development is misconceived”. How true is this statement?
  14. How does postcolonial theory help us to rethink development?