Argumentative Essay about Chapter 1 in “A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things”

Follow the outline attached.

  • The Introduction MUST include a brief summary of the chapter, and a clear thesis.
  • 3 body paragraphs each must have 2 points at least to support your idea with quotations or examples from the book. The last body paragraph MUST be counter argument.
  • The paper should be written in third person and DO NOT add personal opinion.
  • DO NOT use outside sources (USE THE BOOK ONLY)

Read Below Carefully:

Compose a Rhetorical Analysis of Cheap Nature, Chapter One of Patel and Moore’s A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things. This should be an argumentative essay with a thesis. Within the paper you will need to complete two different tasks: (1) briefly summarize the chosen text and (2) explain the authors’ explicit and implicit rhetorical use of value in their argument for cheap nature. Therefore, it is essential that you first identify and reproduce the authors’ purpose and argument for cheap nature, and then you analyze how the author uses various categories of value to support and make sense of their argument for cheap nature. For example, how does Patel and Moore use moral/ecological/political value or devaluation to argue for the development of cheap nature?…or how do they use economic value to argue for the value of cheap nature over the value of colonial subjects? The analysis section of the paper should take up the vast majority of the paper and should analyze and argue for how the authors use value rhetorically in arguing for cheap nature.

Guidelines: Your essay should be a minimum of 850 words, double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and brought to class for peer review and submitted on Blackboard. Remember to review and consider The Norton field Guide to Writing: Analyzing a Text and Arguing a Position in your writing process.

Assessment: You will be assessed on your rhetorical analysis of the text, which includes your interpretation and application of the rhetorical situation, the clarity and organization of your argument and thesis, your supporting details and evidence, and your summary of the text. You will also be assessed on your effective application of the genre (including all of its strategies, features, conventions, and forms). Finally, you will be assessed on your general organization, grammar, and sentence structure. (Please keep in mind, this is a first draft meant to showcase your skill in analysis and application of genre, so do not get bogged down on perfection, but you should also be showing marked improvement in basic structure and organization).