The next journal entry presumes you’ve read through the entire book. Ponder all of the following:
1. Why do you think you had to read and reflect on this book for this class?
2. Has reading The Circle made you think differently about technology? If so, how?
3. Would you recommend that others should read The Circle? If so, who? Why?

This journal is private and only viewable by you and the professor.
Feel free to have a little fun with your journal. It’s okay to be creative, experiment, and try new things here with your writing style and content. You can try freestyle writing if you like, where you let your thoughts run without worrying about style, grammar and spelling.
Please do write in this regularly – we want you to reflect as the class is going on, not wait until the end.
The entire journal counts for 10% of your overall grade (100 points total, 20 points for each entry). You are evaluated on quality and quantity of journal entries. Graded as Complete/Incomplete, where a B or higher is Complete.
Note: The Circle is 500 pages. There are at most 2 pages of content that contain adult situations (expressed in PG-13 terms) that are relevant to the plot. If these small segments are a problem for you, please contact your professor to discuss alternate options.
Submission Requirements:
• Format: Microsoft Word APA STYLE
• Font: Times New Roman, 12-point, Double-spaced
• Citation Style: APA
• Length: 1 page (275 words)