Each article is a piece of primary research that has used a different research method. You must use these two articles for this assignment.

Read these two articles thoroughly

You are required to:

  • Select one element of the research methods section from the two research papers identified above.

This element should be either: sampling; data collection tools   or    data analysis

  • Use contemporary research methods literature to appraise the selected element within the two research articles.
  • Deduce the validity, reliability and or credibility of the chosen element
  • Discuss and debate, within the hierarchy of evidence, the position the two articles hold and their usefulness to your area of practice.

See detailed assessment guidance below.


An Introduction within an academic essay should inform the reader as to what is covered within the essay (refer to the course handbook assignment criteria to make sure you cover all elements)

Main body

  • Why is there a need for research and evidence to inform practice and why is having, an understanding of research methods and types of evidence important for nurses and midwives (see lecture notes, recommended texts and professional codes).
  • State which element of the methods you are looking at (sampling, or data collection tools or data analysis) and why it has been selected that element
  • State which issues (questions) within that element are going to be appraised. It is suggested you use the Moule (2018) Critical appraisal framework tool (which can be accessed from NURS 1547 Moodle or directly from Moule (2018) p160-162) to identify the specific question pertinent to the chosen element.

Appraise one element of the method you have chosen to analyze from the two articles given. This should be one of the following elements:

Sampling or data collection tools  or  data analysis.

Decide on one of the above elements, within that one element you need to appraise in the region of four/five issues that are part of that element (Critical appraisal tool). This can provide the structure for this part of your essay. You can identify these four/five issues by reading the research textbooks and/or looking at the questions in the relevant section of a critical appraisal tool (Moule 2018).

You should be presenting arguments to appraise the value or quality of the approach taken by the researcher’s by presenting arguments to show why the strategies used in that element of the method were used, the advantages and potential disadvantages of these strategies.

  • Following on from the previous paragraph, how may these strategies influence the validity, reliability, credibility of your chosen element (sampling or data collection tools or data analysis) of the study?

You could pose alternatives e.g. if they could have collected their data via questionnaires rather than interviews, but if you do this you will need to explain why you think that.


  • Familiarize yourself with the concept of Evidenced based Practice and the Hierarchy of Evidence – Can you critique the concept of a Hierarchy of Evidence? (HoE)

Nursing/Midwifery practice requires multiple ways of knowing – therefore what type(s) of evidence are the two articles given to you within this assignment – link to HoE (reference)

  • How does the type of evidence (research design) of the two articles inform your area of practice? How might the type of evidence be valued within practice?
  • Paraphrase the findings of both articles and briefly, how might the findings contribute to your area of practice?

Your arguments must be supported with contemporary research methods and evidence-based practice literature (see the reading list in the course handbook for examples).

Ensure you discuss both articles within each question from Moule (2018).

Please note in the main body you should discuss both articles together comparing and critiquing the aspect of the methodology of your choice.

  • Give definitions, and academic references for key concepts identified within the assessment criteria


The conclusion should bring together your main points discussed within the main body of the assignment. No new information should be in a conclusion.

Reference list

This should include the reference to the two articles given to you to use for the essay and all other research and evidence textbooks, articles, professional codes and critiquing tools you have used to support your arguments using the Harvard referencing system.

In addition to the requirement above please note this point as well

In working with the 2 articles as above you must do the following

  1. Is the design justified?
  2. Is it transparent and does the transparency bring worthiness?
  3. Talk about how rigorous the articles are, is the instrument reliable, accurate, and how is the consistency and do you get the same result.