As the term draws to a close, the last writing assignment in the course you will ask you to take some time to reflect on what you have learned in the course. This reflection should follow the proper formatting that has been the standard thus far (including appropriate citations). You may write in the first person but when you discuss material from the course, cite the book. Please address the following questions throughout your reflection:

1) How would you describe the science of psychology to someone unfamiliar with the topic? What do you think is most important for people to understand about psychology?

2) Why is it important to emphasize the science of psychology?

3) Think back to when you first started the course. What were your expectations for what we would learn in the course? How has the course differed from your expectations? Do you think others share your misconceptions about psychology?

4) What was the most challenging topic for you to learn? Did you use your new knowledge of learning and memory to overcome these challenges?

5) What topic in the course helped you the most? What information was the most enlightening for you? How did you relate this to your everyday life?

6) Highlight at a time since you started learning about this topic where you were able to use your knowledge.