Write about the best solution to a problem in your field of study (i.e. your major). Your first step will be to identify possible problems in your field—you might use the library’s databases to look up your major and see what other people are writing about. What do people debate about in your field?

Major: Business; Problem: What’s the best way for a company to give back to the community without losing revenue?

Major: Fashion design; Problem: What’s the best way to have a thriving clothing business without contributing to pollution and waste?

Major: English literature; Problem: In Wuthering Heights, is Heathcliff really just a jerk? Why is his jerkiness forgivable?

Once you have identified a problem, figure out what solutions or arguments people are proposing (you might mention these in your paper – briefly – in order to contextualize your own solution/argument/viewpoint), then choose one of these approaches to argue for in your paper. Make sure that argument is very clear, and that you support it throughout with logic (no need for outside sources in this paper).