Managerial accounting

1-1 Define managerial accounting and describe its role in the management process.

1-2 Explain four fundamental management processes that help organizations attain their goals.

1-3 List and describe five objectives of managerial accounting activity.

1-4 Explain the major differences between managerial and financial accounting.

Describe the accounting and finance structure in an organization.

Describe the roles of an organization’s chief financial officer (CFO) or controller,treasurer, and internal auditor.

Understand and explain the value chain concept.

Explain how investments in capacity affect managerial decision making.

Understand and explain big data and data analytics and how they interact with managerial accounting.

1-10 Discuss the professional organizations and certifications in the field of managerial accounting.

1-11 Describe the ethical responsibilities and ethical standards that apply to managerial accounting.