Research Paper (25%)

You will write an 810 page APAstyle paper on the topic of your choice. The paper will need to explain the
historical context, describe the applicable legislation, describe and analyze the main features of the topic, and
discuss any controversies surrounding the topic. Provide an argument towards the end of your paper discussing
what you think and what influenced opinions/decisions on this topicwhether it be from the judiciary, the
public, or some other relevant institution or group. The paper must be in APA format, double spaced, 12point
Times New Roman font, and with normal 2.54 cm margins all around. It should be a maximum of 810 pages
not including the reference list pages. Refer to ‘Grading Rubric B’ (Appendix B) in the syllabus. If you
would like to write on a topic that is not listed email me for approval through MyLS.

You may write about one of the topics generally, or focus on a specific case (e.g., a specific sexual offender,
first responder, a case before the Ontario Review Board, etc.).

Suggested Topics:
• The Mental Health of First Responders
• Prisons and Mental Health
• Mental Health Courts
• Ontario Review Board
• Psychiatry and the Criminal Justice System
• Sexual Offenders
• The Relationship between Mental Health and Criminality
• Patient Rights
• Unconditional Discharges
• Treatment (historical or current)
• Institutionalization
• Criminalization of the Mentally Ill

The paper will need to:
• Explain the historical context.
• Describe the applicable legislation.
• Describe and analyze the main features of the topic.
• Discuss any controversies with an argument in the end of what you think and what influenced that opinion.

• Work independently
Include a clear and concise thesis statement/research question in the introduction of your paper
Use subheadings to organize your paper
• Consult the Purdue OWL website for help with APA formatting
Proofread your paper before submitting for clarity, grammar, punctuation, etc.;

contact me through MyLS if you have any questions or concerns.