Drug discovery

Select one of these drugs below, draw the chemical structures, and indicate the binding site/s of your chosen molecules. These are some you can pick one from (available from the recommended textbook):

a)Ace inhibitors

b) Artemisinin and related antimalarial drugs

c) Oxamniquine

d) Thymidylate synthase

e) Anti-inflammatory agents

f) Antidepressant agents

2) Once you selected a drug (from the list above)

a) explain the stages of drug discovery, design and development (only on your chosen drug-one of the above list and not in general)

b) show the drug binding to its receptor/protein (receptor/proteins can be downloaded from protein data bank) using one of the recommended drug discovery software.

c) Perform Phvsical properties on your selected drug using the ADMETIab 2.0 website (ADMETIab 2.0 )

A 60% of the total mark is allocated for using the recommended chemistry software, and the rest (40%) will include the write-up and the recent research on your drug of choice.

You should draw all your chemical structures using chemistry software, and no marks will be given for hand drawing.

Harvard style is your reference style. , Make sure that all work is correctly cited and referenced. You need to use at least five references.