Group Facilitation/Group tasks groups

Final Paper: Group Analysis and Learning Summary

In an experiential learning model, it is essential to take time to reflect upon your learning experiences. Since these are personal observations, you are expected to make “I” statements. In this paper, you will examine your entire Task Group experience. You must provide examples to illustrate the application of these learnings. Your examples need to be based on your own reflection, feedback from others and experiences from your task group. Be specific! This paper is 45 pages in length and is typed, double spaced (excluding cover page, Table of Conten2t, Appendices, and Bibliography). You are not expected to include an introduction and conclusion. A minimum of three references from three different sources should be used and provided in APA format. Please use the concepts and theories that you have learned in both  AHSC 230 and AHSC 232.

1. We studied 3 (three) different group theories: Tuckman, Schutz, and Gibb. Of these three theories do you consider would be the most supportive in helping group members observe what is impacting a group’s progress (pick just one). What is it about this theory that you consider to be so helpful?

2. What group member roles did you generally lean to in this group experience?(Coordinator) Give specific examples and discuss the impact these roles can have on the group; (positive and even possibly negative). Which group member roles would you like to become more skillful in applying for your next group experience? And why? Refer to Chapter 3 in your text.(Attached chapter)

3. What role, if any, did conflict play in your group? (No) Was the conflict open or more hidden? What role did your personal conflict style play in this experience?Collaborating) If there was no conflict, why do you think that was so?Refer to Chapter 8 in your text.Attached Chapter)

4. Envision a situation in an upcoming course that involves group work: What have you learned here that you believe will be very helpful in supporting your contributions to this next task group experience? What do you believe will continue to be challenging for you?(obervations/refelctions); doesn’t have to be this, make it up if you need to.