Common Good Activity Report

Evidence of Completion

Usually this should come in the form of an email to me directly from the supervisor of your volunteer project. You can give them my email and have them send me a note confirming your completion of three service hours.

In a few cases this is not possible. For example, Zooniverse does not provide certificates of completion, except in the case of the two specific projects listed on this site: Zooniverse Q&A. For all other projects, you will need to submit a screenshot of your classification stats as a proxy for time spent volunteering. According to the Zooniverse Q&A page, 50 classifications an hour is average, with an extra 30 minutes needed for additional ‘meta’ activities. Thus, I expect you to have completed at least 100 classifications during three hours of service.

1-Page Reflection

Submit here one double-spaced page (~250 words) reflecting on your experience. Why did you choose this service activity? Was it an individual or collective action? How did it advance social, economic, or environmental sustainability? What would make this type of work more impactful?