1956-57 segregation related legislation in Texas

A short narrative history is a primary component of the final research report each student will submit for a grade.

Students will analyze primary sources to develop a short narrative history of the 1956-57 segregation related legislation in Texas. This narrative should be about 500- 800 words in length. Students must include references to specific people, legislation, events, or primary sources in their narrative and include quotes from at least 2 primary sources. Students are encouraged to draw on the event entries they draft in writing their narratives. Students should add a short bibliography of sources.

Students are also encouraged to make use of the primary sources compiled by students in the class google drive and to review the google sheet that provides a timeline of events created by students in the class. Students will all receive feedback on their drafts from the instructor. They should incorporate that feedback before submitting their final research report in December.

Tips to Consider for writing:

Be Concise: Public attention span is short, most will read about 75 words

Define terms: Write for a public audience, don’t assume historical understanding

Stand-Alone: Captions for images, descriptions, narrative should be able to stand on their own

Repeat Information: Repeating information in different entries is encouraged

Articulate Significance: Be clear about historical significance; answer “so what?”