Submit your final research proposal.

Note: You will not actually carry out your research project in this class. You are writing a proposal for this assignment . It is not a complete research paper. Thus, you will propose the collection of data to test your hypothesis, but you will not actually get to do it. Your proposal should have the following sections:

Research Proposal: Transportation Security

Research Question: What security measures are different pre 9/11 to post 9/11 in transportation areas such as the airport and what are some needed adjustments to improve current security measures?

Hypothesis: If security measures in transportation areas such as the airport were the same as pre 9/11, where would the country be now with the ability to protect itself against terrorist and other criminals?

Title Page: Your title page should include the working title of your research project proposal, your name, date, and course title.

Introduction: The introduction is where you identify your specific research question and where you set the general context for the study. In this section you need to include:

  • a research hook that will encourage the reader to keep reading;
  • an introduction to the topic and its larger context, including a discussion of why it is important to study. It provides the current state of accumulated knowledge as it relates to your specific research question.
  • a statement of the problem and context leading to a clear statement of the specific research question.
  • background and contextual material justifying why this case or topic should be studied; and a purpose statement.
  • promote the importance of your own research. How will your research fit within this larger body of knowledge? What are you doing differently? What gaps will your research fill?