Community Clinical Observation Paper

1. Identify the needs of persons living with the chronic conditions: eg

Cardiovascular disease


2. Consider how to meet the educational needs of each client with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes concerning:



Socioeconomic status

In your reflection paper, consider the demographic population of the City of Trenton. Which ethnic groups are predominant in our community? Which age group has a higher prevalence of the health conditions mentioned above? What socioeconomic factors influence the purchase of high quality/nutrientdense foods? What types of resources are available to improve access to nutritious
foods for those living in our community?

For your community health nursing experience, you are expected to:
Be prepared to complete vital signs, heights, weights, BMI, and nutritional education

Be prepared to answer questions about normal and abnormal vital signs

Be prepared to answer questions about healthy eating

Be prepared to complete social determinant screening. E.g., Smoking, drinking habit

Be prepared to reinforce education about available handout

3. Write a 2page reflective paper based on your experienceAPA due 1 week after the clinical experience, please submit it to your clinical instructor

4. Additional Information:
Uniforms and lab coats

Park at designated areas

Arrive at the specified location for at least halfhour to acclimate yourself. Start times vary by day and location. Refer to community schedule.

Secure all items in your trunk, and make sure you see the parking signs.

Bring a snack and/or drinks because you may not have a place to purchase food or drinks