The Virtual Criminal Justice Alliance


Read the Criminal Justice Virtual Alliance background (above) prior to beginning your assignment. Note that this background information will be used for each assignment in this course. Also note that the role that you are assigned (according to the first letter of your last name) is the role that you are assigned for the entire course assignment.

Assignment 1 – Agency Description

This assignment is based on one of the following criminal justice components (select the component that corresponds to the first letter of your last name). In each assignment in this course, it will be from the perspective of this role that you will be expected to address each part of the assignment.

  • Law Enforcement (Last name begins with: A- E)
  • Courts (Last name begins with: F-J)
  • Institution-Based Corrections (Last name begins with K- O)
  • Community-Based Corrections (i.e., Parole/Probation) (Last name begins with P-T)
  • Private Security (Last name begins with U-Z)

Note: Within your assigned role provided above, you may take on a role within that broad category. For example, if you have a law enforcement role, you may take on the role of the Captain, squad, shift or precinct commander, etc… Whatever specific role you choose in the broader category which you have been assigned (above) is the role that you will take throughout assignments1-3 in this course. Students are encouraged to (reasonably) embellish on the character of the person they are assigned and play that role to the fullest. Keep in mind the role’s span of control and from whom else in the component you might need to gain support from to accomplish your goal(s).

Directions: For this assignment you are to write a paper addressing the following:

Describe the primary role(s) and function(s) of your component
Differentiate and discuss your component’s role and function from the other components (listed above)
Evaluate and discuss the inter- relatedness and inter- connectedness of the components (listed above) and how each of them plays a role in the management of the administration of justice within the Criminal Justice system.