Business Question

Submit a 2-3 page summary of your internship experience that includes the following points:

Explain how you applied your advanced knowledge/skills learned in your HOA courses this last year in your Spring 2023 internship.

Highlight the different activities you participated in during your internship and what you learned: team meetings, shadowing experiences, mentors that guided you, and what networks you built during your experience.

Summarize how this internship will help guide you in your career decision when you graduate from the program. The areas are Front office

  • 1: Housekeeping
  • 2: Management
  • 3: Security
  • 4: Event management
  • 5: Sales
  • 6: Office of General Manger.

The student was shadow Michael William, the hotel operational manger to gain future experience and knowledge on hospitality operation. He is also responsible for upholding the high standards that our company strives to deliver with every single guest. He will assist guests with their every requests and demands, he will assist with resolving billing issues, and he will also assist with finding solutions and resolving out guests issues when they arise. It is a small Hotel with 150 rooms.