Guerilla Girls

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Watch this video introduction to the Guerrilla girls.

Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum? was an early poster created by the Guerrilla Girls in order to bring attention to racial and gender inequalities in the art world. Go to the Girls’ website Guerrilla Girls (Links to an external site.) to see more examples of posters and other mass media “ads” they made.

  • View at least ten different poster designs.
  • Think about: Which are the most effective? Which are the least effective? Why? Which is the most artistic? The least artistic?
  • Then: Guerrilla Art. The Guerrilla Girls created provocative posters using appropriated images and confrontational text. Create your own provocative poster. Appropriate an image from the textbook or online or draw one. You can put a gorilla mask on the figure if you like or reference the Guerilla Girls in another way. Incorporate research or factual text to address an issue of race, class, or gender.