Informational interview with a human resource

Conduct an informational interview with a human resource professional in which you explore the leadership side of human resources.

Write a 4–5 page paper that outlines your informational interview with a human resource leader. Explain the leader’s role and unique perspectives of human resource leadership. You will also analyze how this advises you on your own perspectives of being an effective human resource leader. Your paper should be well organized and cover the following elements.

  • Introduction.
  • Describe the leader’s position and role in the human resource function.
  • Examine the leader’s philosophy and approach for being an effective leader and strategic partner. Be sure your interview covers the following facets of leadership and management:
    • The challenges and opportunities of the interviewee as a human resource leader and how that differs from their role as a human resource manager.
    • The leader’s approach to influencing people and organizations as a strategic partner.
    • The leader’s advice for being an effective leader.
  • Analyze how the leader applies leadership theories to support human resource outcomes. Be sure to cover the following elements:
    • How theories of leadership did or could apply to the interviewee’s role and responsibilities.
    • How theories of leadership resonate with you after the interview.
  • Analyze how key interview findings inform your own personal philosophy of human resource leadership.
    • How do insights from the interview connect to your own leadership behavior?
    • How do insights from the interview impact your leadership development journey?
  • Conclusion.