Proposal to Conduct Student-Led Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings

Develop a 5- to 6-page proposal for implementing student-led individualized education program (IEP) meetings that you could present to your school board.

Include the following in your proposal:

Definition of a student-led IEP.

Purposes of student-led IEPs.

An implementation action plan, containing:

-Benchmark dates

-Training required for teachers and administrators

Sample lesson plans to teach students how to conduct student-led IEP meetings including:

A checklist that identifies the available learning opportunities in a student-led IEP

A meeting agenda that students can follow that instructs them how to:

Address all the components of the IEP

Create a behavior intervention plan that addresses their needs

Sample IEP portfolio pages

Answers to the following questions:

How will student-led IEP meetings empower students to own their disability?

Will student-led IEPs meet legal requirements?

How are you going to overcome cultural differences in student-led IEPs?

How will we educate families about the new IEP process?