HIST 1301

Movie Response Questions

The movies that we watch in this class are meant to give you a better understanding of the ways in which movie makers use history to entertain and, at the same time, to influence the public’s view of historical events. When you watch movies in this class you need to pay close attention not only to the story but the historical events that are being depicted. You are to look beyond the superficial action and try to see how the movie presents and shapes history for the watching public.

You will answer the same questions for each movie that you watch in this class.

– Watch the movie carefully and answer the following questions. Please make sure to include as much information as possible.

  1. Write down the main characters as the movie progresses. Make sure to also write down
    defining characteristics. What are their motivations? How do these characters represent
    people who could have lived during the historical period that is depicted in the movie?
    (HINT: You may have to watch the entire movie before answering these questions.)
  2. Where does the action take place? How and why are those locations important? Do they
    match what you read in your textbook? How?
  3. What historical events are mentioned and/or portrayed in the movie?
  4. What important historical details are included in the movie? How do they help to make
    the movie more authentic and interesting?
  5. How did the class readings and videos help you to understand the movie? Do you think
    that you would have understood the movie as well as you did without preparation? Do
    you think that the average movie goer would have understood the movie in the same
    way? Why or why not?