The assignments must be typed on white A4 paper with 1.5 spacing, and a 2.5cm margin at the top and bottom of the page, and on the right-hand and left-hand sides. You should use 12 point font for the text (14 point font for headings, if you like), Times New Roman (preferred).
The assignments should be grammatically correct and well punctuated. As a tertiary level student, a high standard of written English is expected. Your assignments should be clear, concise, neatly presented, and easy to read. It is important for students to keep in mind that your essay needs to be well structured and coherent such that it clearly communicates insightful and critical thinking in relation to HR issues. Students are encouraged to use headings and subheadings in their essay. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a significant loss of marks.

Note that the referencing style for this unit is Chicago (16th Edition) referencing style. The minimum amount of academic (peer-reviewed journal articles) sources is 10.
Students will need to check their assignments to ensure that they have referenced correctly. Failure to reference correctly and adequately could result in plagiarism.
Your case analysis will be assess primarily on the ability to recognize, analyze and discuss the key issues, theories and practices relevant to the case study as well as the inter-linkages between HR issues.