Your paper should address the following requirements:
 to present your main claim and key arguments in the form of a graphic representation in lieu of an abstract
 to offer a main claim that shows the position of the paper (problem clearly stated, country or city identified, and possible solutions)
 to provide background information (e.g. how do you know the problem exists? how serious is the problem?) leading to the identification of a problem which has to be stated clearly;
 to identify causes of the problem (show analysis in the form of an argument)
 evaluate the current measures (if any) and why they are effective/ineffective using clearly stated criteria
 to suggest 1-2 solutions (from a sustainable engineering perspective) focusing on the ‘why’ (arguments) and not so much on the ‘how’ (description/narration) as well as examining the implications and consequences of the solutions using the same criteria for evaluation of current measures;
 to include an IEEE Reference List of primary (the team is not to conduct a survey/questionnaire) and secondary sources to support your argument;
 to include 6 sources in your Annotated Bibliography section to show the reference, summary, assessment or evaluation