The Indivisible Whole is designed to bring closure to the entire semester. For this Discussion exercise, you are required to read Chapter Eighteen of Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline (all four pages of it!) — it is entitled “The Indivisible Whole.” Thus . . . For this Discussion, write at least 400 words. Respond to the following prompt: Read the chapter and then share what you feel astronaut Rusty Schweickart meant when he stated: “It was like seeing a baby about to be born.” Meditate on his statement and tie the content of the chapter to the content of what was shared with you this semester in relation to dialogue and the system of thought; then tie to the content of your own thinking on the future of humanity. Be as clear as you can be here; and note that citing from sources will certainly strengthen your submission, although even more important than citing from sources is simply displaying effective critical and integrative thinking and writing.