Detailed criteria
❷ Executive Summary.
Criteria [carries 10 marks]:
1. Any business report includes an Executive Summary. Your main objective at this step is to provide a
concise and persuasive outline of your strategic plan for managers to take an action upon it. Keep in
mind your audience: your writing must address executive managers of the company.
2. Briefly justify the innovative side of the firm’s operations and its positive impact in the foreign market,which you selected for firm’s expansion (see previous page).
3. Briefly outline the major challenges that the firm has being facing in foreign or local markets [worth 3
4. Briefly outline the main points of your strategic plan, clearly stating why this strategy would be optimal for the firm’s expansion in the foreign market which you selected [worth 3 marks].
5. Justify the value which your strategic plan will bring to the company [worth 4 marks].
6. Do not use tables or diagrams in Executive Summary. Fit your Executive Summary on one page. The
Executive Summary is not included in word count.
Reasoning: you must learn to deliver your business ideas to the target audience in a persuasive tone.