1- Assess the relevance of the 5S framework for designing an effective online communications strategy.
2- Examine the role that content marketing and storytelling plays in engaging with customers online
3- Select a company of your choice and critically evaluate its use of content marketing and storytelling within its overall online marketing communication strategy. (This is my part on the assignment)
4- Develop a set of recommendations that would improve the quality of the content marketing and the use of storytelling, to more effectively engage with the target market(s) of your chosen organisation.

Assignment Guidelines;
1. You are expected to engage with the relevant literature on areas such as online communications strategy design and implementation. You are encouraged to read the articles that have been posted . These articles provide you with an initial platform from which to develop the assignment at the beginning of this project. As a starting point, please read chapter eleven in the Fahy and Jobber text. This is the core text for the Marketing Management module.
2. You should also engage with the relevant literature generated by your chosen organisation from secondary sources i.e. material that is available on the website.
3. This is a group assignment (maximum of five per group).
4. Your chosen company can come from services, business to business or consumer marketing sectors.
5. Effective assignments should analyse the organizations current online communications strategy with regard to its target markets, segmentation and positioning. Effective assignments should make use of relevant concepts and theories and apply them to the analysis. Groups should avoid re-stating, being descriptive or being narrative. Groups are encouraged to reflect on other frameworks besides the 5S approach (discussed in chapter eleven of the text and introduce them to the assessment of your
chosen company and proposed recommendations.
7. Include a full set of references. As a general guide, you should have a minimum of twenty-five different citations consisting of both academic texts and academic journal articles and industry references (e.g. Industry Reports, business and newspaper articles etc.)
9. The assignment should consist of 3,500 words. This excludes appendices and references. However, you should avoid the inclusion of too many appendices.
10. Students should avoid describing the elements of online communications strategy in the main body of the text. It is appropriate to include a brief overview in an appendix. The focus
within the main body of the text should be on an evaluation of the present strategy employed by the organisation and its use and application of the relevant techniques.
10. The assignment should be presented in REPORT format.