You will write 2 papers for this course. For these papers you may choose from a list of topics. Each of the two papers will be worth 100 points each. See the rubric for more information regarding how you will be graded on these papers.
For each of these papers you must complete ALL of the following and include ALL required information discussed below in order to get full credit for your work. Additionally:
You must also properly format and cite your work.
You must use at least 4 scholarly sources, not including your textbook, and may use up to 2 other non-scholarly but credible sources (e.g. WebMD, Harvard Newsletter, etc., not Wikipedia or other similar sites)
Your paper must be a total of at least 7 pages, not including your title and reference pages
You do not need to include an abstract for this paper.
Important Note About Citations: It’s very important that you properly format your paper using APA formatting, and that you cite and reference ALL sources you use in your paper. Any information in your paper that is not completely and solely your original idea should have a citation in the body of the paper and a corresponding reference on the reference page. If you do not know how to do this, please click on the Writing Help tab and access resources there. You may also sign up for tutoring or attend live webinars to assist you in learning to properly format your paper and use citations. If you use information from a source and do not cite it, that is plagiarism, which is a form of intellectual property theft and is a violation of academic integrity standards at Brandman. You could be reported to the University for an academic integrity violation, receive zero points on your paper, or have other consequences, so please do take citing and referencing seriously.
For each paper you will pick one of the following topics about which to write. You should spend time researching information about your topic and thinking about how it fits into the field of Counseling as a whole and refining your thoughts/reactions to this topic before beginning to write.
Topics from which to choose:
1. Psychoanalytic counseling
2. Jungian counseling theory
3. Adlerian counseling theory
4. Person-Centered therapy
5. Gestalt therapy
6. Behavior therapy
7. Cognitive-Behavior therapy
8. Rational-Emotive therapy
9. Choice Theory
10. Social Constructivism as it relates to counseling theory
11. Reality therapy
12. Feminist therapy
13. Solution-Focuses therapy
14. Narrative therapy
15. Family therapy
16. Integrative Psychotherapy
17. Pick a theorist and write about how they developed their theory.
18. Multicultural aspects of counseling
19. The role of counselor values and characteristic in counseling
20. Ethical issue in counseling—you may pick an issue and write about it
1. Introduction: (At least 1 page)
➢ Introduce your topic by:
Defining and describing your topic (use citations!)
Discussing why you chose this topic and what interests you about it.
Briefly describing the aspects of the topic you will discuss in your paper
2. Information About Your Topic: (At least 4 complete pages)
➢ Provide information about your topic by:
Using research, describe and discuss at least 4 elements of your topic. (Use citations!)
➢ Discuss at least 2 ways that cultural or social factors may impact or interact with your topic.
Be thorough and complete in this section! Make sure and include the aspects of the topic that you discussed in your introduction. Cite and reference all materials.
3. Discuss What You Learned/Reaction to Topic: (At least 1.5 complete pages)
➢ Discuss what you learned about your topic from researching and writing sections 1 and 2 and your reaction to the topic by:
Describing and discussing at least 3 things you learned that you found to be interesting and/or surprising.
Discussing one way you could apply what you learned in your career, life, etc.
Discussing at least 2 reactions/thoughts/ideas you had about the material, e.g., Did you change your mind about anything, do you feel differently about this topic,are you more or less interested in the topic, were there things you wished you’d found out but didn’t, were there things you related to in your own life and those to which you didn’t relate, etc? In this section you may include any kind of reaction
you had to what you learned.
Be thorough and complete in explaining your answers! Use citations as needed in this section.
4. Conclusion: (At least .5 pages)
➢ Provide a conclusion by:
Briefly summarizing each of the prior sections
Discussing any final conclusions you came to regarding the topic.