For this paper, I need to watch a city hall meeting (link is here ) Then here is the criteria from my professor on the paper:
The paper presents a well-detailed account of the proceedings at a government meeting, event, or protest demonstration (which should be political in nature).
The paper provides basic information about who attended, participated or spoke, where/when it took place, what the purpose of the proceeding was, and what happened.
The paper evaluates the effectiveness of political participation at the proceeding documented.
The paper should use reasons and evidence from the meeting/event to support your position.
The paper provides insight into political participating at the local level, and whether participating is worth the time/effort or not.
Additionally, the paper provides an answer to the following questions:
Does the meeting/event lead you to believe in elite democracy or popular democracy?
How did participating help you in your efforts to be informed or participate in politics?
Any insights about politics (or American Politics) that you gained from the event?