1.Research Question:

How efficient is the medical communication between patient and health care institutes?

-Specific questions :

How long does the Conventional doctor appointment waiting time take?

How big chance does the patient’s condition get address after the first time communicate with the doctor?

How many resources (money, insurance credits, medical care cost, etc.) will be spent when onsite hospital visiting happen?

How is the result of the service like remote healthcare assistance (phone call, video chat, home visit?)

What are the common pain points for the health care faculty during the consultation

Does the patient have a good channel to access specified and trusted medical information on the Internet when sickness happens?

What are the barriers to online health care?


-Personal experience:

When sickness appears, the fastest way to understand what is going on is to seek the similarity and solution online. However, searching for the condition online is usually not necessarily accurate and trustable. Sometimes the result is misleading and even death causing.

-Resource research

Satisfaction level about the current health care system

The current condition of the health care communication process

The average time of curing the illness beginning from the first doctor appointment

The cost comparison between hospital onsite health caring vs. online health caring

General feedback about current experience of online health caring

Doctors’ experience of communication with patients




Observing the conventional outpatient process

Interviews with people who encounter difficulty during onsite hospital treatment

Interviews with health care faculty about the medical communication experience with their patients

Interviews with people who have online health caring experience

Existed solutions analysis (e.g., K health app)


organize the facts and values

define the problem


prototype tools for the interviewers based on the question want to ask and empathy

prepare a plan for organizing workshops


interact to interviewees with the tools

ask the questions based on the findings

observation interviewees’ instinct behavior and ask the reason



-Technical resources:

prototyping tool technique support

video recording & editing support

coding technique support


-Human resources:

patients who can help to answer the questions above

faculty/authority of health care departments

authorities of permitting interviews

academic faculty consultation