American Humour
Humour theories
What is Black Humour?
Toxic masculinity
Cultural historical context; whiteness
What does humour do to masculinity?
feminisation of American culture
Jakyl and Hyde; plot twist
Story of loss; industry. to post industry.
Theoretical approach: Gender studies, masculinity studies, humour studies Comparing project to existing research what are the limitations of the project (what does it do, what it doesn’t/can’t do).
Research questions: ? (How is the theory of black humour presented through masculinity and violence in the film fight club?) provide thesis statement (idea: I argue that the interplay and blurring the lines of typical characteristics, as well as the exaggerated and incongruent depiction of “masculine” stereotypes create humor(ous scenes). The installation of these features embedded in a morbid and ironic framework can be assigned to the concept of Black Humour.)